The Hexachordia Trio

Greensleeves and Yellow Lace

Saturday 13th July 2019, 7.30pm,  
St Nicholas Church, Swafield

The early music trio, Hexachordia ( will perform at St Nicholas Church (Swafield) and present a concert of music and readings inspired by style and fashion in sixteenth-century England.
Singing and playing on lutes, renaissance guitar, viols, recorders and bagpipes, the group presents tunes heard at the royal court by composers such as John Dowland and Francis Cutting, reflecting the upper-class preoccupation with fine lace, dainty slippers and colourful clothes. The trio also play and sing music popular at lower levels of society, including rounds and catches on petticoats, garters and hats!
Sarah Doig –  viols, virginals, lute, voice, recorder & organ
Jane Scheuregger – voice, recorder, bagpipes, shawm, rauschpfife & crumhorn
Tony Scheuregger – lute, gittern, guitar, flute, recorder & voice
Photos are here

The TRUNCH CONCERTS at St Botolph’s Church, Trunch and St Nicholas Church, Swafield, enter their 22nd season this year.
All concert proceeds will continue to be donated to restoration and conservation projects for the churches of Trunch, Swafield and Bradfield. The Church and community would like to thank both the audiences and the performers for their generosity. Since 1998 the concerts have raised over £30,000 towards these projects.
Thanks too to the dynamic Trunch Village Society for its support for TRUNCH CONCERTS.

Performers reserve the right to change their programmes from those indicated in the brochure or website.
The organising team will take reasonable steps to give notice if any concert has to be postponed or cancelled. Please check this website for up to date information closer to the dates of the concert.