Trunch Concerts 2011 – Music in an historic Norfolk Church

Saturday,  17th SEPTEMBER 2011 at 7.30 pm


‘Collisions of Art’

Matthew Gouldstone directs his five experienced choral scholars in a programme of extraordinary Renaissance choral music.

Singer Louise Hunter-Bradley says: “In a programme based solely around the “parameters” of Renaissance music, Fitzalan Project under Artistic Director Matthew Gouldstone take an in depth look at how many of the boundaries that are perceived to signify the Renaissance period may never actually have existed. Did chromaticism and dissonance as fierce as Wagner and co. really exist 500 years prior… Crossing the sacred and the secular, the archaic and the modern, and vocal/instrumental music, this educational insight offers something to everyone!!”


Second Programme, to be held at St Edmunds’, Acle, Sunday Afternoon, 18th September
France and the rise of song

A musical form that many are now familiar with is the French Chanson. Simple, elegant, and generally pleasing, this form of secular song is an obvious favourite. However, the art of song in France had been mastered for many years prior to the chanson gaining its real favour at the court of Francois I, and this programme by the Fitzalan Project explores all the possibilities within this particular genre. With foundations in the medieval period; true success in the High renaissance and a seamless transition to the early Baroque period, one simple fact connects all three – they all deserve to be heard….