with Bruce VOGT, piano 

Friday 9 June 2023, 7.00pm, St. Nicholas Church, SWAFIELD

Bringing Chopin or Schubert to life, in famed concert halls around the world, is nothing new for Canadian pianist Bruce Vogt. But Vogt’s alter ego brings different classics to life – namely silent films on the silver screen. Bruce Vogt is an avid fan of silent movies, which he calls “one of the true golden ages of film.”
“Silent movies aren’t meant to be silent. They had music when they were made and usually had scores if they were of a more ambitious nature. I remember, when I was studying music in London,  just improvising for my student friends (when we were watching old movies) and then after they would pass the hat. Whatever the poor students could come up with, that’s how I got paid. I imagine I got about $20 or $30.” Seeing this opportunity to earn a few extra bucks, Vogt convinced the London Public Library to host a pair of movie nights during his last couple years on campus. 

After graduating, Vogt continued his education in England, before returning to Canada. He began his successful academic and concert pianist career in Victoria in 1980.
His silent movies improv days went silent until 2000 when Vogt was asked by a friend at a conservatory in Paris to accompany a couple of Chaplin films as part of a year-end celebration for the students. The students loved it. Vogt was reenergized and soon performed similar shows in Germany, England and Japan. 
“For the films, I’m pretty lazy. I don’t plan a score,” said Vogt, adding the performance is a much lighter feel than playing highly disciplined concerts. “The way I prepare is I make sure I know the film so well that I know exactly when to come in. I’m doing it for the first time every time I play, but I know the films very well. I’d stare at them (films) with great intent and have learned to play without taking my eyes off the movie. (by Paul Mayne, Western News)

Programme – Charlie Chaplin’s The Rink (1916)
Buster Keaton’s Our Hospitality (1923).

The show took  place in  St. Nicholas Church in Swafield. With a licensed bar. 
It’s good practice to wear face masks all the time, except when you are eating or drinking.  
The number of places – limited. Pre-booking only. Tickets: £6 – adult, £3 – children.

Tickets – by phone 01692 402 624 or cash only at The Crown at Trunch (Front Street, Trunch, North Walsham NR28 0AH).