Trunch Concerts 2016 – Music in an historic Norfolk Church

SATURDAY   9th JULY at  7.30 pm

’The Romanian Connection’


Chopin: Waltzes Op 69 no 1, Op 34 no 1
Beethoven: Six Variations on a Swiss Song
Beethoven:Kurfürsten-Sonata no 1 in E-flat
Silvestri: Suite No. 3 Op. 6 No. 1
Silvestri: Chants nostalgiques Op. 27 No. 1
Schumann: Carnival Op. 9

A young talent at the legendary 1972 Leeds Piano Competition, Anda soon went on to win the Debussy Prize in Paris. Accepting a scholarship to study in the UK, Anda was outlawed by her native Romania until the iron curtain fell. More recently, with her superb London Schubert Players, she has promoted major trans-national cultural projects and received the Commander of the Order of Cultural Merit for services to Romanian music. Later this year Anda will record for Naxos the complete piano music of another great Anglo-Romanian musical figure, the acclaimed conductor Constantin Silvestri. Anda’s performances across the world have been consistently praised for their poetry, passion and imagination.